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The Shriners Parade of Trees fundraiser is an excellent opportunity for businesses to show their philanthropic support while receiving public recognition for their contribution. This type of event has been hosted by other Shrine organizations around the United States for several years.

We expect between 8,000 and 10,000 people will view the trees. Our goal is to have 50 trees sponsors in our second year.

The deadline for Tree Sponsor applications is: November 10, 2023
Space is available on a first-come, first-committed basis.

Questions? Contact the Abu Bekr Office at (712) 255-7991

Parade of Trees Sponsor Form

Tree Sponsor Rules & Guidelines

Tree Requirements

The value of the tree and prizes are required to be valued at a minimum of $500.
Tree spaces are 7x7 feet. The tree and prizes must fit in the designated area. All trees must be artificial (no real trees). If trees are lit (recommended), the lights must be LED lighting, and the tree sponsor must supply a new power cord (50 foot) that meets electrical code.

Trees may be any size, up to a maximum height of 8 feet. Keep in mind that smaller trees need to be elevated to be visible. We suggest trees of at least 5 feet in height.
The tree sponsor must supply all setup accessories - including, but not limited to: wire, tape, decorations, hangers, wire ties, etc. Trees must be properly secured and be free-standing. No screws, nails, etc. Tree skirting is recommended.

Prize/Gift Requirements

If any item that is displayed is not included with the tree, it must be clearly marked as such. Any item not marked will be considered part of the tree package and will be given to the winner.
Do not attach real money (cash) to the trees. You can use a card, play money, or paper printed to look like money. Please provide any cash prizes in an envelope marked with the tree number and sponsor name. This envelope will be placed in the Abu Bekr Shrine safe and given to the winner when they pick up their tree. All other items that are not displayed with the tree - but are included in the prize package - must be provided to the Abu Bekr Shrine by 4 p.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 23. These items will be secured in a locked room until they are claimed by the winners.

Set-Up Dates

Trees can be set up from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Sunday, November 19, Monday, November 20, and Tuesday, November 21. All trees must be set up by 5 p.m. on November 21 or business forfeits its ability to participate. No raffle prize will be awarded on behalf of the business in the event no tree is displayed. However, the business will still be responsible for providing a $500 payment to the Abu Bekr Shrine.

Limitations of Liability
Abu Bekr Shrine is not responsible for loss or damage to any trees, prizes, or displays.

Tree Sponsor About

What you get:

Business sponsors will be recognized with signage at the event, on the event promotion materials (including social media, website, and emails), in the Abu Bekr News newsletter, and in the media. 
Businesses are also encouraged to promote your involvement through your social media channels, advertising, and internal and external emails. You are also welcome to distribute promotional materials and/or conduct sampling or demos for your company within your display area, subject to approval.

You will select a theme for your tree. The theme will be displayed under your company name or logo and on the raffle box. Your tree theme is limited only to your imagination. 
Almost any type of company can be a sponsor: retailers, grocery stores, car dealers, tire stores, sporting goods stores, barber shops, lumber yards, or restaurants.
The public is invited to view the trees during the display period: Friday, November 24 through Saturday, December 2. (Dates & Times are subject to change.) Admission is $5 per person for those age 16 and above. No charge for children under 16 when accompanied by an adult.
How Tree Winners are Selected
Attendees can purchase raffle tickets or $1 per ticket. Raffle tickets are deposited in the container affiliated with the tree display. There is no limit to the number of raffle tickets that can be purchased. Businesses may purchase raffle tickets for their own tree. One ticket will be drawn as a winner for each tree. That ticket will win the entire tree and the prizes associated with that tree.
Winners will be contacted by phone immediately following the raffle ticket drawing. The list of winners will also be posted on the Abu Bekr Shrine website. Trees must be picked up by the winners between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. on Sunday, December 3rd (or alternate arrangements must be made).

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